Dealing With A DUI and What To Do After The DUI in Macomb Michigan – DUI Lawyers in Macomb MI

DUI in Macomb Michigan is a serious offense and if and if you don’t have a lawyer it can cost you a lot of money. We are going to share with you what happens after you get a DUI in Macomb Michigan. So be careful when you leave the bar and with so many taxi services leaving your car over night can be understandable.

dui lawyers in Macomb MI

  • There will be court and you will need a good DUI lawyer in Macomb Michigan
  • Ignition interlocks – you will have to breathe into a breathalyzer to start your car
  • SR – Insurance to reinstate you for driving after a DUI
  • DUI educational programs
  • Fees – you might even have your license revoked even for first time offenders
  • Restricted license – you have to pay a fee to get your license reinstated ($250) show your in a educational program for DUI’s and show proof of the SR22


Its not worth all the hassle for one night of drinking you need to call a uber or call a Macomb DUI lawyer the day of or next day.


We can help you with all your paperwork and get your DUI case started in Macomb Michigan but it will be a hard road ahead.


Call us today, 248-906-8689 to speak with a DUI lawyer near you in Macomb Michigan.

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